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Testimonial: Pauline Holt

It’s also offered me a lot more flexibility around the way I sell my products through events and fairs – it’s straightforward, easy to use and the only thing you need to process a payment is the keypad and your phone.
Pauline Holt
Jazzy Lily

Pauline has been making individually crafted glass beads in her Buckinghamshire based home studio for the last 16 years.  Her sales have mainly been through art events, exhibitions, specialist glass events and conferences and she has seen less and less people carrying cash or writing cheques over the years.

“Being able to process card payments is a big advantage. The economy challenges mean people aren’t as willing to spend money on luxury items and fewer people are now carrying cash, so being able to offer card payment adds a huge benefit for my business.”

“I now have much more flexibility”

Since she started using WorldPay Zinc, Pauline has not only seen a boost in income, but also made business savings. “I no longer have to spend money each month on handset rental, or get tied into a long contract. This service works really well with the peaks and troughs of my business and means that I’m not paying out during quiet periods.”

“Customers have noticed the difference in service”

Pauline mentioned “I’ve found that being able to offer this service has pleased customers, and they’ve been visibly impressed with some of the features WorldPay Zinc offers such as the text receipts.This has translated into profit as people have spent more, sales would definitely be down without it.”

Pauline has been particularly impressed by the simplicity of the WorldPay Zinc keypad “I’m not a very technical person, so the fact that it’s so easy to process payments is ideal.” She continued, “Whenever I have had any questions or needed help with initial setup the Helpdesk were fantastic. I’ve recommended this to lots of people on this basis alone, and one friend is already using it.”

Through using WorldPay Zinc, Pauline has seen an increase in sales and customer satisfaction, as well as making significant business savings through being able to take card payments in a flexible and cost effective manner which aligns well to her varying business needs.