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Testimonial: Helen Taylor

The keypad is easy to use and it has become essential for both my businesses
Helen Taylor
Over Bed & Breakfast and Over Gallery

Helen Taylor is a busy business owner with two enterprises: a Bed & Breakfast, and an art gallery. These were both started in 2011 and, although originally Helen only accepted cash and cheques, she immediately recognised that she needed a card machine. With both her businesses based in a Cambridgeshire village, customers who did not have enough cash would have to go two miles to the nearest cash point and, more often than not, become a lost sale.

Nevertheless, Helen was close to giving up on taking card payments because, although it would probably increase revenues, she couldn’t afford the monthly fees. Helen then heard about WorldPay Zinc and the absence of monthly charges made it the perfect option for her.

“I was losing business because I didn’t take cards but the monthly charges were just too high.”

Helen had tried a card terminal with a monthly fee, but found it just wasn’t sustainable:

“I knew I needed to get card facilities because business bookings are so valuable, but these customers will only stay with you if they can pay by card. So, I signed up to a 12 month contract to avoid losing clients, but I couldn’t justify the monthly rental charges. Then, I got the WorldPay Zinc PAYG promotion through the Federation for Small Businesses and it was as if the scheme had been designed for me.”

The PAYG service has impacted Helen’s revenues greatly; previously business people did not often stay at her B&B, but now they make up one third of bookings. The card facility also means that Helen can take hassle-free deposits for B&B bookings, giving her extra security in case of cancellations. The B&B is a seasonal business, so Helen finds the flexibility of WorldPay Zinc's PAYG scheme particularly good as she does not need to worry about incurring any costs during a quieter period.

Being able to take cards has been beneficial for Helen’s gallery as well, with fewer sales now lost due to lack of cash. Giving people the choice to pay by card also means customers often purchase additional items. Card transactions have also removed the doubt that comes with taking large payments by cheque. Helen has found the PAYG scheme so advantageous that she’s recommended it to a number of local independent artists.

Helen is particularly happy with the familiarity and security that the WorldPay Zinc keypad provides. In her search for an affordable card machine, she did consider other services, but was won over by the chip and PIN technology since it is widely recognised and trusted. Helen wanted something quick and simple, and WorldPay Zinc's PAYG device delivers that for her.

“Particularly in my B&B I get a lot of surprised faces when people see that such a small operation has a card reader, which is fantastic. The chip & PIN function is much more professional and gives me credibility. People are used to that kind of transaction and many like receiving their receipt by text message too.”