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Testimonial: Diane Godfrey

WorldPay Zinc has become fundamental to my business
Diane Godfrey
Cute & Gorgeous

Diane founded Cute & Gorgeous, an online store offering handmade gifts and children’s clothes in September 2011. Alongside her online presence, she regularly attends local events and craft fairs, as well as marketing the products through her company Facebook page.

Recognising that the ability to accept card payments at events would greatly increase her sales, Diane signed up to WorldPay Zinc.

“I wanted a mobile card payment solution but without the fixed monthly fees”

Diane was looking for a card payment solution for her business – with lots of events taking place she wanted to be able to accept card payments because she found that people often don’t carry a lot of cash with them, and cheques aren’t guaranteed.

Diane simply couldn’t justify the fixed monthly costs of the solutions that were on offer. Since implementing WorldPay Zinc she has been able to be more competitive and save money in the process by avoiding large set up costs and contract tie-ins. She mentioned, “I liked the fact that there was no fixed monthly fee, it really suits my cash flow because I can’t guarantee what my income will be each month. I didn’t want to commit to a long multiple-year contract either, so the WorldPay Zinc device is perfect for my business.”

“I’ve seen a definite increase in sales”

Through using the WorldPay Zinc at events, Diane has seen improved sales, both in terms of the number of sales and the number of people willing to spend more money once they know she can take card payments. In some cases, individual sales have increased by as much as six times because customers are able to spend more than just the cash in their pockets.

"Customers are also really impressed when I say I can take card payments – it definitely makes my business look more professional."

When at events and craft fairs Diane advertises the fact that she can take card payments with a sign on her stall. She commented, “You often find at events like craft fairs, once people run out of cash that’s it - they leave. With WorldPay Zinc I’ve been able to attract more customers, and in some cases I’m one of the few left who can. Most other stalls can’t accept cards, and I’ve actually had other vendors asking me about it for their own businesses.”

Cute & Gorgeous has big plans for the future such as expanding into haberdashery and making more handmade clothes, for which accepting card payments will be key to growth. Diane said, “WorldPay Zinc brings so many benefits that it’s a no brainer! I’ve already recommended it to others.”