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Taking Payments

Take Chip & PIN and magnetic stripe card payments face to face with your keypad or over the phone using the WorldPay Zinc online portal. Once the transaction is approved, the money from your customer will be in your bank account usually within 4 business days.

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Stay on top of your paperwork with instant issue receipts via email or SMS. Or connect a Bluetooth printer to your phone and print receipts there and then. You can also customize your receipts with your business logo and a map of where the payment was taken.

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You'll become an accounting pro with the WorldPay Zinc Dashboard. You can view payment summaries, export data and track payments with ease. Keep an eye on your cash flow and work out your busiest trading days by viewing your payments by day, week or month.

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Your WorldPay Zinc keypad is just like the ones you use in a restaurant. With its bespoke WorldPay Zinc branded design and vibrant OLED display; your light weight pocket-sized keypad will give your business that professional look. Plus, your keypad comes with a 12-month warranty.

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Our keypads use the same Chip & PIN technology that you use to pay for things everyday. They are certified as meeting the required Payment Card Industry  security standards including EMV Level 1 & 2.

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Keeping you mobile

We made the app compatible across numerous devices, allowing you the flexibility of using your phone whilst you are out and about with customers and then simply re-pair your keypad with your iPad when you are back in the office. Use Zinc wherever you have a 3G or wifi connection. See all compatible devices.

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Payment process

Enter the purchase amount into the WorldPay Zinc app.

Add reference or invoice number if needed.

Hand over the keypad, allowing customer to enter their pin.

Issue your receipt via email, SMS or the old-fashioned handwritten way.

Customer support

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If it all becomes a bit confusing we have a UK based 24/7 helpdesk waiting for your call. Or you could simply hop online and check out the step-by-step videos and device user guides. Our set-up wizard will make setting up your keypad with your smart device a breeze.

The UK's number one

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We're the number one payment provider in the UK**. As a global leader in our field, with over 20 years experience, you can depend on us.

* Subject to network coverage. The keypad may only be used in the UK.
** Nilson Report, June 2013